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7 Mind Boggling Facts about HIV/ AIDS that you absolutely need to Know!

Nov, 10 2018
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Originating from West Africa during 1930s, HIV/ AIDS has created a rampant effect on our society. Even after years of its recognition HIV/ AIDS this plague is continuously spreading and has now become a worldwide health crisis. Since the beginning of this epidemic 70 million people have known to be affected by AIDS and approximately 35 million have succumbed to it. This traumatic statistical data about HIV/ AIDS has forced us to question our knowledge about the disease.

We still live in a world full of biases where knowledge surpasses the thoughts and we are forced to perceive a distorted reality. Even in the 21st century it is a common sight to see people commenting and looking down upon one’s medical condition, so here we (Emedkit) are to share with some facts that will change your mind about AIDS.

What is HIV?

But before we start, for those who are absolutely unaware of this condition, this gist below will give you a slight idea what you would be reading about:

HIV is the short form for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus is responsible for breaking down some cells present in the immune system (the system present in our body that fights against all kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses etc. Too keep us healthy). When HIV attacks your immune system it makes your body more susceptible to falling sick and even die from infections which your body could normally have the capacity to fight.

What is AIDS?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that is responsible for causing the worldwide health epidemic- AIDS that is a shorter form of the scientific term Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Unlike a common belief AIDS and HIV are not the same thing, also it is not necessary for people with HIV to get AIDS.

Since your understanding about the two basic terms is clear, let us read the following facts that will challenge your prior beliefs about the disease.

7 Mind Boggling Facts about HIV/ AIDS

1. It is Possible to HIV and Still Not Feel Sick

It very much possible that you may have contracted HIV which lead to AIDS but you still don’t feel sick, this is because HIV may not cause any symptoms for several years. That is one could be infected by HIV, for about 10 years or so, but still experience no symptoms of it. It is quite possible for the infected person to transmit the infection to others. The symptoms do not appear until HIV progresses to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). As the immune system gets compromised people start to experience symptoms such as diarrhoea, cough, fever, neurological symptoms and extreme weight loss.

2. Many People Suffer from HIV and Don’t it Know it Yet

CDC- Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has established from an exhaustive research that from an approximate amount of 1.2 million people who are infected with HIV in the United States- 1 out 5 people has no idea that they have the virus. Unfortunately, due to a huge stigma society has placed on HIV many patients and doctors refrain from discussing about its risk.

3. Even Now People are Dying from HIV

Even after years of research and even more years of its recognition as a worldwide health epidemic, people are still dying from HIV.  But with new treatment some patients have known to live a longer life. There are some treatments available such as medicines you can buy online from Emedkit in any country worldwide including USA, Russia, Romania, China and Peru. Some of the HIV/ AIDS medicines that are available at Emedkit are ABALAM, EFCURE-200, EMDUO-30, EMLETRA, EMPETUS, Hepdoze etc. 

HIV/ AIDS has killed approximately 1.6 million people around the world in the year 2011 itself and in low income countries it is known to be the second leading cause of death.

4. HIV Originated from Chimpanzees

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency disorder is known to originate from SIVs (Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses), these are the viruses present in chimpanzees and monkeys. But can you wonder how a virus made a specie jump? The answer to this is believed to be the human hunters are the link as they could have acquired it by eating the meat or coming in contact with the blood of affected chimpanzees, monkeys and apes. Such an interaction could have resulted in the mutation of SIV into human form, now we know as HIV.

HIV has two strains: HIV 1 (this type of HIV is traced down to chimpanzees) and HIV 2 (this HIV 2 is tracked down to a small African monkey). These two strains are further divided into several sub-strains. Research reveals that by far the deadliest version is HIV 1.

5. Intentional Misuse of Injections and Needles

There are a number of HIV/AIDS cases where people have been infected from this virus via purposefully used infected injections and needles. For example in a dreaded prison system in South Africa – the Numbers Gang, rape by AIDS infected patients is used as a punishment. The victims are then cut in with needles to ensure transmission in an extremely horrific procedure which they call as the slow puncture.

Another sad example of this reality is Nushawn Williams, who is a New Yorker who was convicted in the year 1997. He was not just a criminal but he was convicted for infecting about 13 women after he came to know he himself was HIV positive. 

6. Immunity Against HIV/ AIDS

Well no one is completely immune to HIV/ AIDS but there have been evidence of some people who have exhibited a strong resistance. Scientists have found about 2 adaptations- the first one is the one that repels the infection and the second one is which keeps HIV from developing into AIDS. The former type is a genetic mutation that was primarily found in Scandinavians. The mutation is called CCR5- delta 32, this prevents the virus from entering the cells in the body. Research reveals this mutation may have originated from Europe, considering their history of battling many deadly plagues.

Although there have been rare cases like 1 in 300 people whose immune system has managed to surpass the virus. This phenomena is called HIV controllers- as they possess a different set of proteins in their blood which keeps the virus away. Research is being made how this happens to help the less fortunate humans.

7. Finding a Cure

There have been several new researches that are being made and a final cure for AIDS seems to be on the horizon. Such a case where the new form of research worked is with Timothy Brown. He lived with HIV for more than a decade and after he was diagnosed with leukemia, he got a bone marrow transplant. This meant he was out of complete supply of it and was given the bone marrow of a donor who was fighting with AIDS to cut through the mutation and as a result he is HIV free. But unfortunately the process of bone marrow exchange is very risky, therefore doctors are researching further to find more cures. 

Although till the scientists find the perfect cure, there are some treatments available such as medicines you can buy online from Emedkit in any country worldwide including USA, Russia, Romania, China and Peru. Some of the HIV/ AIDS medicines that are available at Emedkit are ABALAM, EFCURE-200, EMDUO-30, EMLETRA, EMPETUS, Hepdoze, HEPTAVIR 150, RICOVIR- L, TEEVIR, TELURA, TENOF- M, TENOLAM, ZIDOLAM- N, DUOVIR, DANAVIR- 600, ENTEHEP and a whole range of many more medicines your doctor prescribes.

Note: The information provided here is for educational purposes only. The medicines available for HIV/ AIDS are all prescription medicines and must be ordered online only after consulting your doctor or health care provider.

We wish you or your loved ones a happy and fast recovery!