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Admin Dec, 12 2018
Admin Nov, 26 2018

Know all the Uses and Functions of Geftinat 250mg/ Gefitinib Tablets

Geftinat 250Mg is prescribed for calming the pain and uneasiness experienced by patients of bosom or lung malignant tumors. The Online Ge...

Admin Nov, 10 2018

7 Mind Boggling Facts about HIV/ AIDS that you absolutely need to Know!

Originating from West Africa during 1930s, HIV/ AIDS has created a rampant effect on our society. Even after years of its recognition HIV...

Admin Nov, 01 2018

Everything you ever wanted to know about Xbira 250mg Tablets (Generic Zytiga)

Cancer is a fatal disease that occurs due to the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the human body. Some cancer cells may spread ...

Admin Oct, 18 2018

Everything you Need to know about Ledifos Tablets- Facts and Information

A global estimate suggests that approximately 71 million people suffer from Hepatitis C and this is an extremely shocking number of patie...

Admin Sep, 09 2018

Hepatitis C: Are You at Risk? Know the Signs and Symptoms

Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness most Hepatitis C virus patients do not know that they are suffering from this fatal disease until...